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Landlord Services

Landlord/Tenant Lawyer

We offer superior representation in the following areas at competitive rates for you and your family:

Landlord Legal Services

Our lawyers are experienced in Philadelphia Landlord and Tenant Matters and our attorneys have provided eviction and landlord services to many property managers. From notice to lockout, we do not rest until a sheriff or landlord/tenant officer has removed the tenant from the property and restored order.

Collections & Judgment Enforcements

After an eviction, you or the property management company that you represent may need assistance from an experienced attorney to collect unpaid rent or collect for damage done to a rental property by tenants who were evicted.


We deal with evictions for both tenants and landlords in Philadelphia. When you’re dealing with a tenant who does not respect law and order or any sense of fairness, you must hire an attorney who will aggressively and proactively defend your rights. For tenants who fall victim to retaliatory or unjust eviction, we are here to help.

Tenant Legal Services

For tenants we take very seriously our obligation to stand up for our clients, and we regularly take our cases to trial to get the best results.

Mark D. Copoulos has tried thousands of evictions, ejectments, and tenant defense actions in Philadelphia, PA. He is familiar with the law and legal procedures governing such actions. If you are facing a difficult landlord tenant situation, seek counsel from someone who has successfully resolved thousands of similar cases.

The Law Office of Mark D. Copoulos was founded on our commitment to the client. We pride ourselves on unparalleled service. Our firm answers all incoming calls from clients, at all hours, and strives to promptly resolve your legal issue.

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