Breaking a Lease to Protect Your Rights

Is the Property Habitable? There are many things to consider in breaking a lease. In Philadelphia, PA every landlord has a legal obligation to provide fit and habitable property to the Tenant. See Pugh v. Holmes, 486 Pa. 272 (1979). For example, if the property you are living in requires serious repairs you may be […]

Philadelphia Code Section 6-800 (Lead Disclosure Law)

Many landlords are unclear on when they are obligated to test their properties for lead. In Philadelphia, a landlord must test the property for lead where; 1.) The property is built before 1978; 2.) Landlord is renting to Tenants with children aged 6 or under in the property. Under these circumstances the landlord is legally […]

Useful Forms for Civil and Criminal Cases

The Useful Forms blog provides you with information to help you with your case.  The different links provide information that may assist you in expeditiously resolving your matters.  The forms may be used in conjunction with a free consultation to maximize your visit to our firm. CIVIL FORMS Medical Release (HIPAA) Form Motor Vehicle Accident […]

Houston v. Analaris Homes, (PLDCL) Does Not Cover Former Tenants

The Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas recently heard the case of Houston v. Analaris Homes, 161101449.  The case sheds light on topical issues surrounding the Philadelphia Lead Disclosure and Certification law (PLDCL).  Section 6-809 of the Philadelphia Code governs the PLDCL. Litigation arises with respect to the PLDCL’s obligations imposed on landlords.  Per the Law, any landlord […]

Philly Landlord-Tenant FAQs

FAQs About Landlord-Tenant Law   Q: What documents do I need to file an eviction? A: At a minimum, to file an eviction in Philadelphia, PA you will need a Housing Inspection License, Certificate of Rental Suitability, Partner for Good Housing Handbook, Notice to Vacate, and a written or verbal lease.  In some situations you may […]

What is the Philadelphia Lead Paint Ordinance?

WHAT IS THE PHILADELPHIA LEAD PAINT ORDINANCE? The Philadelphia Lead Paint Disclosure Law (Chapter 6-800) requires landlords to certify that a property is “lead free” or “lead safe” before the property is rented to prospective tenants.  According to the Ordinance which is enforced in Philadelphia Civil Court, a Certified Lead Inspector must inspect housing targeted […]

Right of Redemption, 53 P.S. Section 7293

Every year thousands of properties are sold at sheriff sale under tax lien foreclosure. The Office of the Sheriff of Philadelphia sells the property to collect on unpaid taxes. These properties are often sold at a fraction of their actual value. Investors are rightfully leery to purchase properties at tax lien sheriff sale because of […]

Burden of Proof in Landlord-Tenant Lawsuit

It is not uncommon for landlords in Philadelphia, PA to be sued by their tenants. If the landlord has insurance they may refer this claim to their provider. If the landlord does not have insurance, they may have to opt to retain an attorney to defend the claim. There are multiple strong defenses to a […]

Sealing a Criminal Record

PA “Clean Slate Bill” Provides LIMITED Relief to Individuals Convicted of Certain Misdemeanors More Than Ten Years Ago The Pennsylvania Clean Slate Bill, passed in 2017, provides for sealing of most summary and criminal offenses after ten (10) years, where the defendant has not incurred new felony or misdemeanor convictions. The Pennsylvania Senate ordered creation […]

SORNA is Not Retroactive

The Pennsylvania Superior Court recently decided the case of Commonwealth v. Fernandez.  In Fernandez, the Pennsylvania Court held that the government cannot impose heightened, retroactive sexual registration requirements on Defendants who violate their probation.  The case effectively bars the government or judiciary from retroactively imposing the increasingly stringent registration requirements of SORNA. In Fernandez, the […]